RIO 2016 is no longer an Olympic dream for Sponsorise.Me and for Hundreds of athletes around the world

A year ago, I contacted Coca Cola with the crazy idea of offering them to help to finance athletes who came onto our platform to fund their journey to RIO 2016. Since then, The Coca Cola Company invested and became a share holder of SPONSORISE.ME, we launched a test programme with Powerade in 7 countries around the world, and helped dozens of athletes every month in obtaining the finances to achieve their Olympic dream.

We are convinced that the role of a sponsor is not just to be displayed during an event, but to be part of a journey. To move from a passive to an active sponsor: a strong sponsorship commitment!

With this principle it appeared legitimate that Coca Cola, an Olympic partner since 1928 would get involved in our platform supporting the hundreds of athletes. Today the goal of a brand like Powerade (TCCC sports drink) is not simply to be present for 15 days every 4 years but to actually get involved with athletes everyday, to be part of their journey. These athletes are spending a lot of their time trying to find the funds to optimize their preparation for the Olympics. Certainly in some countries sports federations are helping athletes, but we all know that at this level of competition, there are some points that the federation cannot support (Physiotherapy sessions, Warm weather training camps, the opportunity to bring their coaches). And in some cases Federations can only support athletes once you’ve qualified … but what about before… ??

Behind this system, which forced us to be present in 7 countries with different complexities such as the online payment in local currencies, SPONSORISE.ME technical teams have identified a real challenge to make it all possible, even if it defocuses and falls behind our own product.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-26 à 17.26.03

The result is there! There are now more than a hundred athletes from a dozen nationalities who have used Sponsorise.Me to finance all or part of their preparation for their Olympic dream. Since Brazilian swimmer @LaraNadoSincro was the first to use the Powerade program, English diver @mattydiver Mexican gymnast @kaarla_diaz, English boxer @chantellecam, Spanish athlete @HelenHoneyH and many more have not only used the Powerade program but have used our platform, for instance Jamaican Gymnast @ReissBeckford. Thank you to all of you for your confidence .. and we wish you all good luck in your quest for medals.

I have heard and read that it is incredible that some athletes have to beg to achieve their dreams to represent their country at the largest international sporting event.
I can’t let people say things like this, isn’t this the same approach as when Ronaldo asks his agent to seek and negotiate sponsorship deals, or sells a product with his image?
No one considers it ‘begging’, it’s part of his marketing strategy and it is considered relevant: he is monetizing his community and fans… likewise athletes on Sponsorise.Me, in another dimension of thought…

At SPONSORISE.ME we certainly do not pretend to reinvent the model of sponsorship, we just want to support those who have no access to it and we are very proud of what we do. Whether you call it marketing, crowdfunding, sponsoring or social sponsoring, what is certain is, that all of our teams in all 4 corners of the world work hard every day to make this a viable economic project.

We are not Robin Hoods, but the concept of Sport Business is based on a $150B market, shared by a few, and we claim that, in a world where the sharing economy and transparency must have a role to play. It should allow as many athletes as possible to access a slice of the cake. We are only at the beginning, but we know the path we are taking and we know where we are going, we also strive for more of the podium …

Thank you to the hundreds of athletes who trust us every month, they allow us to grow and make us proud of the work we are doing…



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